18th May 2022

The Top 10 DIY Tools Ireland Rates

Investing in a few power tools is a must for every professional tradesperson or weekend DIY-er - they speed up the job, allow for greater precision, and make everything a little less fiddly. 

With so many leading brands and brilliant tools out there, it can be difficult to know what to invest in, so we decided to take a look at the power tools Ireland rates the most to help you out. To compile this list, we had a look at the tools that people in Ireland were searching for most online over the last 12 months to see which tools builders and DIY lovers in Ireland are most interested in owning. 

10 Of Ireland’s Favourite DIY Tools

From the Stanley Knife and the Black and Decker Drill to versatile multi-tools and nail guns, below are ten of the tools receiving the most web searches in Ireland.

1. Stanley Knife

Every tradesperson or budding DIY-er needs a Stanley Knife, one of Ireland’s most searched-for tools of all. Also known as utility knives, Stanley knives are able to cut through pretty much everything, whether you need to slice through building materials or make an existing hole bigger. 

There are lots of different types of Stanley blades available, including retractable blades; depending on the type you choose, your Stanley Knife could cut through paper, card, wood, plasterboard, and leather. 

If you’re working with materials like dry lining, roofing materials, ceiling tiles, or even carpet, we recommend going for Stanley® Fatmax® Carbide™ Utility Blades, which are coated with tungsten carbide to help them last up to 10 times longer than regular blades while maintaining a good level of sharpness.

2. DeWalt Drills

DeWalt drills are the brand receiving the most interest in Ireland over the last year, and there are lots of different options, depending on the level of speed and power you need. Choose from corded or cordless options, with DeWalt’s range including:

  • Percussion drills
  • Hammer drills
  • Rotary drills
  • Right angle drills
  • Drill drivers

If you’re looking for a good all-round model, investing in a combi drill like this 18V brushless cordless model is a good idea. With its 13mm metal chuck, this DeWalt drill is good for driving screws into a variety of building materials even in the tightest spaces, thanks to its built-in LED light that will illuminate any dark corners. It also has an ergonomically designed handle, making it easy to grip and manoeuvre. 

3. Makita Drills

Makita drills were found to be the next most searched-for drill brand in Ireland, with percussion, rotary, angle, rotary hammer, and diamond core drills all available. 

If you’re looking for a good versatile drill for the odd DIY project at home, the HP0300 Combi Drill 10mm is a decent option. It’s a corded hammer drill that boasts adjustable speed controls, two different mechanical gears, forward and reverse rotation, and an ergonomic handle.

For a model that’s a little more specialist and a good choice for professional builders, try the 8406 - 13mm Diamond Core and Hammer Drill, which will allow you to drill cleanly through heavy duty materials like brick, tiles, and even marble. 

4. Milwaukee Drills

The next most popular type of drills attracting the most online searches in Ireland are Milwaukee drills. Milwaukee has a great range of both drills and drill drivers, from basic percussion models to some with extra features, like the M12™ Sub Compact Percussion Drill with Removable Chuck. This Milwaukee drill features:

  • A 6-in-1 percussion drill system, which makes it incredibly versatile
  • A removable chuck system with three different heads for different applications
  • 13mm keyless chuck
  • LED light to illuminate your workspace - perfect if you’re working in tight nooks and crannies
  • Comes with a Redlithium™ battery pack, which is designed to allow for a longer run time when you’re working on a big project

5. Milwaukee Multi Tool 

A good oscillating multi tool should allow you to do everything from sanding and sawing to grinding, cutting, and scraping. Milwaukee multi tools are among the most searched-for in Ireland, with the M18™ Multi-Tool a great versatile option. 

This multi tool comes with 12 different speed settings, allowing you to choose from 12,000 to 18,000 orbits per minute. It can be used with wood, metal, and plastic, and it features a unique cutting depth stop extractor, which is designed to stop you overcutting the material you’re working with; like all good tradespeople, the Milwaukee multi tool knows you can always take a little bit more off if needed, but you can never add extra back on.

6. Makita Multi Tool

Makita multi tools are another popular option, and they’re a good choice if you’re working with wood, plaster, and tiles. Use your multi tool to sand, saw, polish, grind, cut, and scrape, whether you need to cut plasterboard down to size or you’re trying to smooth plaster.

The Makita DTM50Z 18V Lithium Ion LXT Cordless Multi Tool has six different speeds to choose from and a rubber-coated grip, making it a sturdy power tool option.

7. Black And Decker Drills

Black and Decker drills may be among the most well-known power tools of all, but they’re actually not searched for quite as often as the Black and Decker Strimmer for long grass in Ireland. Although everyone recognises that striking black and orange branding, Black and Decker drills didn’t receive as many searches as DeWalt, Makita, or Milwaukee drills in Ireland over the last 12 months. 

Black and Decker has an extensive range of both corded and cordless drills, ranging from 1250W to 12V. If you’re looking for a good versatile model, look into the 18V Lithium Ion Hammer Drill. This model features:

  • 2 x 1.5Ah batteries
  • A charger
  • Kitbox
  • Able to drill through timber, plastics, and most metals
  • Hammer drill function that can drill through concrete and even masonry
  • 2 different gear speeds that can be adjusted depending on the task at hand

8. Bosch Drill

The Bosch Universal Drill 18V-60 is, like its name suggests, a good universal option. It’s good for driving in screws, as well as drilling into wood, plastic, and metals. It has 20 different torque levels, a 13mm metal chuck, and a two-speed gearbox, allowing you to achieve a high level of precision.

9. Festool Domino

If woodworking is your line of work, you’re probably already familiar with Festool tools, with the Festool Domino attracting hundreds of online searches in Ireland over the last 12 months. 

The Festool Domino Joiner is designed to help you join two pieces of wood to create strong, sturdy joints, such as for handrails or table tops. If you’ve used a biscuit joiner before, a domino joiner is stronger, and Festool has two different models to choose from:

  • Domino DF 500 - comes with 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm cutters
  • Domino DF 700 - comes with 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm cutters

10. Ryobi Nail Gun

Ryobi is another popular power tool brand, with its nail guns in particular receiving a lot of web searches in Ireland. Ryobi’s cordless nail guns take away the need for a hammer, meaning you can get nails into tight corners where there’s not much room for a hammer.

The 18V One+™ Cordless 15 Gauge Nailer Ryobi Nail Gun can help you to insert nails from 24mm to 64mm in length, and it comes with automatic jam release if you accidentally jam a nail. For those tight corners where you can’t quite fit a hammer, there’s also a handy LED light that turns on whenever you grasp the handle, helping you to always see exactly what you’re doing.

More Power Tools Ireland Loves

Stock up your tool box and make sure you’re equipped for whatever your customers or home renovations throw at you. If you’re looking for more tools Ireland rates, other tools receiving a lot of interest online include:

  • Black and Decker Mouse Sander
  • Bosch Multi Tool
  • Erbauer Table Saw
  • Hikoki Nail Gun
  • Festool Sander
  • Festool Plunge Saw

Once you’ve got the right tools, you’ll also need the right materials and DIY accessories. From plasterboard to fibreglass insulation, and from screws to sealing tape, you’ll find everything you need at U Value. Browse our full collection of products.

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