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A metal frame (MF) ceiling, also known as suspended metal ceiling, is a type of ceiling system commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings. It consists of a framework of metal components that support ceiling tiles or panels, providing a clean and finished look to interior spaces.

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MF ceilings provide an interior space with a polished and professional look that allows easy access for maintenance and installation of lighting, HVAC, and other services. The components can not only be customized to suit design and functional requirements, but the materials are also long-lasting and resistant to moisture, mold and mildew. The components have fire-resistant properties and can offer improved sound control with the installation of acoustic tiles.

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A metal frame ceiling system is a lightweight metal framing (MF) system that was designed to work in tandem with plasterboard. The components that are used within this ceiling system create a suspended frame where plasterboard can then be fixed. The entire system contains three main parts: ceiling channel (MF5), perimeter channel (MF6), and a primary channel (MF7). These components are installed and held together using metal furring clips (MF9).



This system refers to a variety of components that make up a metal frame plasterboard ceiling. MF ceilings are considered a type of suspended ceiling system and are part of a larger drywall system. A dry-lined system acts as a blank canvas to apply paint, vinyl or wallpaper to your ceiling, providing a fully customized experience for your project.


Metal frame ceilings are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings such as offices, schools, hospitals, retail stores, airports, and more. They provide a clean, uniform, and professional appearance to spaces while concealing structural and mechanical elements, wiring, and ductwork. U Value Insulation offers a range of MF supplies that are sourced from Knauf, Superior Sections, Cipriani and more.