Acoustic Infill

ROCKWOOL® Acoustic Infills consist of a trapezoidal shaped ROCKWOOL insulation which can be engineered to suit all types of perforated metal roof deck profiles.

Acoustic Infills provide a combination of optimised density, fibre direction and excellent fit to deliver significant levels of sound absorption, designed and tested for use within ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® roof systems.

Acoustic Infills for different deck types, such as those from Joricide, Euro Clad, and Firth Steels, can be made to order subject to minimum order quantities. For further details please contact your local ROCKWOOL sales representative.

(Per Pack)
Acoustic Infill
Thickness (mm) 25
Length (mtr) 1200
Width (mtr)
Board (Edge)
Pieces (Per Pack) 952

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