FIREPRO Intumescent Pillow CE

ROCKWOOL FirePro® Intumescent Pillows CE are available in various sizes for packing into void spaces around services. Simple to install they are an ideal solution when installing additional services as they are easy to remove and reinstate.

Intumescent Pillows CE can be installed within rigid wall and rigid floor constructions. Intumescent Pillows CE are designed to create a temporary or permanent fire seal around services to maintain continuity of fire performance of compartment walls and floors.

Benefits: • High performance intumescent • Up to EI120 fire resistance • Easy to install, remove and reinstate • Suitable for flexible wall and rigid wall/floor constructions • Maintenance free • Dry system

(Per Pack)
FIREPRO Intumescent Pillow CE
Thickness (mm) 20
Length (mtr) 330
Width (mtr) 50
Board (Edge)
Pieces (Per Pack) 1

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