FIREPRO Intumescent Pipe Wrap CE

ROCKWOOL FirePro® Intumescent Pipe Wraps CE are supplied in lengths to suit various pipe diameters designed to protect both plastic pipework and electrical trunking in fire rated walls and floors, making them a highly adaptable product for many construction projects.

Manufactured from layers of a graphite-based intumescent sheet encased in a polythene sheath, this design is able to fit most trunking sizes with the product wrapped around the outside of the pipework and fixed in places with selfadhesive strips.

Benefits: • High performance intumescent • Up to EI120 fire resistance • Easy to install • Tested in conjunction with Ablative Coated Batt seals • Maintenance free • Dry system

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FIREPRO Intumescent Pipe Wrap CE

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  • FIREPRO Intumescent Pipe Wrap CE